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Nikola Jokic Height ,weight, and wingspan In 2023

Nikola Jokić was born on 19th February 1995, in Sombor. He is a fast basketball player from state Serbia who competes for the Denver Nuggets. He was the first Serbian player to get the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award, and he created a big history. Afterwards, by achieving this valuable award twice in the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons he made a record.

How tall is Nikola Jokic?

The people are excited about his height. You are at the right place to find out his height. The accurate measurements of the basketball star are ideal. For breaking news about famous celebrities visit here.

Nikola Joki, the Serbian basketball player who is popular is successful on the court because of his excellent physical qualities and team-first attitude towards the game. His powerful skills and Court analogies have been made to him as an NFL captain among some American fans with respect to his height, weight, and wingspan.

Joki’s, with his ideal height, significant weight, and wide wingspan, differentiate him from all footballers. These kinds of physical fitness, along with his significant skills and Intellect in basketball make him an efficient force post and a menace all over the court from any position.


Nikola Jokić

Jokić played for three Mega Leks seasons and was kept name the Croatia League player judged to be the most valuable. He was selected as the 41st pick in 2014 by the team of Denver Nuggets.And made a contract with the team in July 2015. As a matter of fact,the Basketball Federation of Serbia organization gave him an award for his best performance “the Best Serbian basketball player award” in the year 2018. While in 2019 and again he was chosen for playing rounds for the main positions in the All-Star Game for the first time.

Being the franchise leader for all, In the 2018–19 season, he guided the Nuggets to the playoffs season, and after a long time. He cleared the 1st round of the playoffs to make his position strong. After this big achievement, NBA selects him among the top five members of the NBA 3 times, in 2019, 2021, and 2022.

Nikola Jokić Basketball Player

Nikola Jokić

 Jokic who is the strong triple-double in NBA history, remained on the court for fifteen minutes and 33 seconds. Moreover, he is also among the top 10 players. In NBA history by this metric and owns the record for the most triple-double games.He played by a basketball player from other than North America.

Joki’s extraordinary talent is broad as he took part in the men’s national team of Serbia to gain a silver medal in 20116 at the Olympic Games.

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His Height, weight, and wingspan

The Serbian football player is famous for his devoted playing to the growth of the team. Moreover, he is an all-rounder very fast footballer in this wonderful team. He plays the role of play maker and passes the ball to the opponent’s players in half of the stadium. Most of the fans like him a lot and try to practice him.

His height, weight, and wingspan details are here:

Height: 7 feet (2.13 meters)
Weight: 284 pounds (129 kilograms)
Wingspan: 7 feet, 3 inches (2.21 meters)

Nikola Jokic Wife

If we talk about his personal life her beautiful wife is Natalija Macesic, the current NBA Champion for the regular season. She is a well-known Serbian psychologist. She has  social media account but in private. However, dating one of the league’s top players inevitably attracts attention. For more than ten years, Natalija has been a reliable source of support for Joki, showing him tremendous love and care.

A solid foundation and a strong support network are frequently crucial elements of success stories in the NBA, and Joki and Natalija are no exception.


Nikola Jokić enjoys an advantage on the ground thanks to his height and broad wingspan. After all his height allows him to be dominant in the post and present danger from everywhere on the court.In short, where he can dominate opponents and grab rebounds.His height and weight also  a force of him to be dealt with.

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What is Nikola Jokic vertical?
Before the Memphis Grizzlies selected him in the draught, he measured a standing vertical leap of 44 inches.
How much did Jokic weigh when he was drafted?
Before the draught, Jokic weighed 255 pounds, but it was a chubby 255. Nikola Jokić carried weight in his upper torso, had little definition in his muscles, and appeared lethargic as a result.
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