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Sweden Ruled Out Crucial Modifications To Its Free Speech Laws In The Wake Of The Quran Burning!!

Sweden’s government has no intentions to amend its free speech regulations. Sweden’s government stated that it could look into procedures that would allow police to prevent public burning of sacred works if there was a demonstrable threat to national security.

“We defend Swedish freedom of expression,” Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said during a news conference on Tuesday.

However, he advised individuals to exercise their right to free expression properly and politely.

“In democratic nations like Sweden, you have an abundance of autonomy, but with that much freedom came a lot of responsibility,” Kristersson said.

“Everything legal is inappropriate in some way. Despite being awful, it is still legal. We wish to promote mutual respect among nations and peoples.”

He also stated that the government resolved temporarily increasing internal security and border restrictions, along with a higher ability to stop and search.

The Disaster of Quran Burning:

Sweden and Denmark have seen a run of rallies in which copies of the Quran have been burned or otherwise destroyed, eliciting indignation in Muslim nations and requests that the Nordic governments put an end to the incidences of burning.

More Quran burnings occurred on Monday, as the governments of both nations indicated they were looking into measures to ban such activities and decrease tensions.

In Denmark, the Security and Intelligence Service (PET)believes the episodes of Quran burning have increased the possibility of terrorist strikes, according to DR.

On Monday, the 57-nation Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held an emergency session to review recent developments, during which it strongly denounced the burning of the Quran.

A statement issued following the conference also urged member countries to take the necessary that where the desecration of the Holy Quran is taking place mandatory steps politically and economically.

Following the meeting, the foreign ministers of Denmark and Sweden independently stated on X, previously on Twitter, that they will continue their engagement with the OIC.

News Updated: 1 August 2023

Article Updated: 4 August 2023



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