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Know About Qureka Banner And How To Earn From Qureka Step By Step

Are you a bit confused about the task of Qureka Banner and don’t have any idea how to download, register, sign up, log in, work, and earn from this application? If you are facing any of these problems, so now it will gonna magically be solved. Because you had arrived at the exact location. Let’s start reading it…

Qureka Banner

Qureka Banner is a platform where users can easily play online quizzes for free. It is available on Android devices. It is designed to entertain the user, based on a trivia destination of fun. Where you are live to play the quiz shows and other quiz competitions, while more than twenty-five categories are available for free. It includes different kinds of quiz formats such as back-to-school, trail mail quizzes, memory quizzes, and more. In Qureka, quizzes have time for about every half hour. From 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, you can play at your favorite time.

Key Metrics of Qureka Banner

Founded Year2020
LocationGurgaon, India
Tracxn Score24/100
Competitive PerformanceRanked 168th among 1027 competitors
Trivia of Qureka Banner

Profile of Qureka Banner

FounderShalini Tewari
Number of Employees98 employees (23 April)
Top Competitors of Qureka LitePlayBuzz, Mirriad, Genially
Is Qureka Lite a Public CompanyNo
Investors In Qureka LiteNo

Download Qureka Banner App

Follow the following guidelines to download the Qureka Banner app on your devices.

  • Move to the play store or app store of your Android devices, (it should have remained that this platform is not available on iOS devices)
  • Search for the Qureka Banner and download it by clicking on the option of install.
  • While if it is not available on the app store then you can also move to some websites on Chrome which will easily help you out to download it. These websites are VIDMATEAPKMOD and Apkpure.
Know About Qureka Banner And How To Earn From Qureka Step By Step
Download Qureka Banner from the Play Store

Register in the Qureka Banner

You can easily register Qureka Banner after downloading it on your devices.

  • To register, Qureka Banner gives you different options for registration. You can move with your email and mobile number as well.
  • After selecting the option, this app will send the OTP code on your selected option.
  • Now you just have to write the correct sent code on the registration page. Which will proceed you to the next step.

It also provides the facility, which offers the user icons, banners, contents, and quiz format on the application.

Sign up for Qureka Banner

After installation, enable all the permissions from the setting and app.

  • Open the app, and select the language you want.
  • Now create your account on the Qureka banner by giving the details such as your name and email address. Also, provide your phone number.
  • Then verify your account by putting in the code, although it is an automatic process.
  • Now sign up for your account by using the 1F942658 code. And won free 30 coins.

Login to Qureka Banner

Once the user had signed up for the account, he/she will not need to sign up again. Simply can log in by putting out the name and password on the website.

Ways of Earning Money through the Qureka Banner App

Like other apps or platforms where you can earn money online, Qureka Banner is also one of the best and easy ways to earn money. You simply have to play games on this app. Here you have various types of games to play. Also, you can earn more by adding refer system. And this will help you to get some awards.

Know About Qureka Banner And How To Earn From Qureka Step By Step
Click of Qureka Banner Quiz

Withdraw Process guidelines

Now after collecting your goals, you reach the point where you have to withdraw your cash. So here are some simple steps which might help you to withdraw your amount:

  • Click the option of earning wallet button.
  • Now it depends on you to select the option you want, the game or referral wallet to withdraw your amount.
  • Then click the option of transfer button with the wallet.
  • Finally, your process of transfer will instantly start to proceed. And it might take 2 to 3 days to transfer your money.

Withdraw limits

The minimum amount of Withdraw is ₹20, whereas the maximum amount for Withdraw is ₹1,00,000. Note that the deposit option for Withdraw is not possible while earning cash Withdraw is possible.

Wallets available in Qureka Banner

3 wallets are available in Qureka Banner, which is named as:

1: Deposit Wallet

2: Bonus Balance

3: Winning Wallet

Work of Qureka Banner

It provides you the opportunity of 13 daily quizzes within the time of 30 minutes. In which users can play their games and also against someone. And if you wish to play live, the host will ask 10 questions from you, also 3 options were given to you. It plays an important role user and also works as:

  • User Engagement
  • Integration
  • Analyzing performance
  • Increase of knowledge
  • Answer submission


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Images Source: Google Play

Links Source: VIDMATEPKMOD, QurekaLite

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