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Traditional Dress of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is a beautiful and lively state with much to offer. You can enjoy a lot of different things here, from the tasty food to the ancient history. What makes the people of Uttar Pradesh interesting is how deeply they believe in and follow their traditions.

This blog discusses Uttar Pradesh’s traditional garments, bride and groom attire, society, and festivals. Continue reading to learn more. Enjoy learning about Uttar Pradesh culture from this blog.

How Men Should Dress in Uttar Pradesh

Men dress very differently in the country than they do in the city or town. Because this state is the center of many national and foreign businesses, the men here wear both traditional and business-casual clothes to work. People like to mix and match shirts, pants, jeans, and t-shirts in different ways.

1: Kurta Pajama

Collarless kurtas are loose. Traditional materials are cotton or silk. It is worn simply or with embroidered embellishments, such as chikan, loose or tight, below or above the knees. The traditional kurta has hemmed but uncuffed sleeves that reach the wrist.

2: Dhoti Kurta

This type of skirt is tied in a way that makes it look like loose pants. Others call it panache. A rectangular piece of unstitched cloth, usually about 4.5 meters long, is used to make the dhoti. It is worn around the waist and legs and tied either in the front or the back.

You can get dhotis in solid or plain colors. Silk dhotis with stitched edges are more formal.

3: Sherwani

It is a long garment that resembles a coat. It is worn on top of a kameez, and the lower body is covered in a combination of salwar and other garments.

Uttar Pradesh Women’s Traditional Dress

1: Sari

A saree is a piece of clothing made of an unstitched drape that is usually wrapped around the waist with one end thrown over the shoulder. The drape can be anywhere from 4.5 meters to 1200 millimeters wide and 4.5 meters long.

2: Salwar kameez

These pants are called salwar kameez. They have a wide waist and a small bottom with cuffs. Since they have a drawstring or an elastic belt holding them up, they fold around the waist.

This one-of-a-kind attire is reserved only for the ladies of Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh Wedding Dress

It will be boring and empty at every wedding if the bride and groom don’t wear the standard wedding dress.

Lehenga Choli: On the wedding day, the girl usually wears a lehenga choli that is heavily woven. The woman wears the dupatta over her head to cover her head while wearing the lehenga choli.

The bride’s entire wedding outfit took a lot of work, and now it looks absolutely stunning. There are a lot of new styles and colors available in the business world these days, and wedding dress trends have changed over time.

Fabrics such as chiffon, silk, crepe, and velvet are utilized in the manufacturing of these lehengas. These choices are well known now.

Uttar Pradesh Wedding Dress for Groom

Sherwani: The sherwani worn by the groom is typically an elaborate garment complete with the appropriate jootis, pagri, and/or sehra. In most cases, the sehra is worn on the head, and its color is traditionally red.

Events in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is a state known for having many beautiful places where people go to pray. As part of its religious history, Uttar Pradesh is also the site of many festivals and fêtes. There are many beautiful celebrations for Hindus and Buddhists who follow their religions.

  • Buddha birthday
  • The Ganga Dussehra
  • The Makar Sankranti
  • The Janmashtami
  • Holi Lath Maar
  • Durgotsav
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