The Death News is a news website based in the United States where you can read the latest news, blogs, and job ads.

Since it started this year, The Death News has set itself apart from other news websites in the United States. You can read features and watch the newest videos from the United States on our website, which also has the latest news.

How do you get information from us?

The Death News team is in many cities across the United States. We post questions from our readers on our social media pages and bring them to our team to get their expert opinions. We also try to get information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the US Embassy. So, we write the detailed answer to any question as a feature.

About job advertisements

The Death News team talks to schools and other places in the United States. We don’t post a job listing until we’ve checked it out ourselves. So, every job ad that comes up on our website has a full job description and a way to get in touch, such as a mobile phone number, a WhatsApp number, an address, or an email address.

Our Team

Our team of hardworking experts works around the clock to bring you the most correct and up-to-date information. We try to give our readers high-quality material that informs, entertains, and teaches them. Our senior content writer is Sobia Salman, and our lead editor and publisher are Danish Rasheed.

Haroon Rasheed – CEO & Founder

Haroon started The Death News because he was interested in writing and wanted to do a good job. He wanted to give people news about a wide range of topics that was both complete and interesting. His leadership helps us reach our goal of making great material.

Danish Rasheed – Lead Editor

As the person in charge of making sure our material is accurate, useful, and interesting, Danish reads and edits each article carefully before it goes live. Her attention to detail makes sure that our readers only get the best material.

Sobia Salman – Senior Content Writer

A gifted writer, Sobia excels at crafting well-researched, detailed articles that span technology, entertainment, biographies, News, and more. She plays a vital role in shaping the voice of The Death News.

Our Coverage

The Death News has a lot of news in a number of categories, such as:

  • Death News (Obituaries)
  • Entertainment, Lifestyle, Biography
  • News
  • Technology, Gadgets
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  • And more

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