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Bonnie Bedelia’s son Yuri Luber

It’s great for some guys, like Yuri Luber, that their parents are famous and offer them a good life. It is his mother, the American actor Bonnie Bedelia, who is up for a Golden Globe. We’re not here to talk about Bonnie Bedelia today, though. Instead, we’re here to talk about his son, Yuri Luber.

There are things about Yuri Luber’s childhood, love life, education, work, net worth, and other things that have never been talked about before. Read this story to learn more.

Parents and Siblings

American celebrities Bonnie Bedelia and Ken Luber have a son named Yuri Luber. In 1969, his parents got married, and in 1970, they had Yuri Luber. The second child his parents had was Yuri Luber’s brother Jonah Luber, who is a famous actress. He was born in 1976. Soon after, in 1980, his parents split up. After that, his mom married singer Jay Telfer for a short time and then actor Michael MacRee.

When it comes to their jobs, both of his parents are well-known in the world of stars. His famous mother is an actor, and his famous father writes scripts.


People don’t know anything about Yuri Luber’s personal life, so we don’t know if he is married or has children.

Personal Life

Yuri Luber was born June 5, 1970. His birthplace is unknown. His parents are Bonnie Bedelia and Ken Luber. Other than this, Yuri Luber’s birth details are scarce. His romantic life is similar to Yuri Luber’s. Yuri Luber never discussed his personal life. Since he’s 52, we think he’s married.

Career and Education

Yuri Luber’s parents don’t like to talk about their kids’ personal lives, so it is not possible to find out much about where Yuri Luber went to school. We think that Yuri Luber must have gone to a good school and college, though, since he is the son of wealthy parents. And the same is true for Yuri Luber’s job. He hasn’t said what he does for a living, but we think it’s something that makes him good money.

Net worth

We’ll get right to it: no one really knows how much Yuri Luber is worth. The reason is that he hasn’t even said what he does for a living. Although, based on how he lives, we think that he makes a good amount of money. Besides that, his mother is also very wealthy. She is proud to own about 2 million right now.

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Why is Yuri Luber popular?

If you’ve read this far about Yuri Luber, you should know why he is so famous. You did guess it right. Even though Yuri Luber hasn’t done much, his parents are both well-known Hollywood stars, which is what makes him so famous.

Bottom Line

Even though Yuri Luber is the son of famous people, he has kept his privacy very well. We won’t go too far in saying that he is a very private guy who likes to keep his private life to himself.

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