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100 Polyester Interlock With Posicharge Technology

Technology has changed how we think about fabrics in the ever-changing textile industry. PosiCharge technology in 100% polyester interlock fabric is a breakthrough. This combination has revolutionized the textile business, offering manufacturers and customers many benefits.

What is a 100% Polyester Interlock with PosiCharge Technology?

Polyester interlock, a double-knit fabric, is durable and stretchable. It becomes stronger with PosiCharge technology. The unique PosiCharge technology improves fabric performance and appearance. It uses a specific liquid dye to strengthen the dye-fabric interaction, giving deeper, more brilliant colors that resist fading.

Power of PosiCharge Technology

100 Polyester Interlock With Posicharge Technology

Introduce PosiCharge technology. Polyester performance is improved with PosiCharge, a unique fabric treatment. Electrostatics and chemistry lock in color and prevent fading. This ensures your sports team’s jerseys’ rich colors will last through many washes and vigorous games.

PosiCharge 100% Polyester Interlock Benefits

  • Color Fastness: One of the best things about this cloth is that it keeps colors very well. The colors will stay as bright as the day you got them, no matter how often you wash them. For team outfits, this is great because it won’t lose its color over time.
  • Quality: Polyester weave is already known for being strong, and PosiCharge technology makes it even stronger. Because of this, it’s great for rough sports and hard workouts.
  • Wicks away moisture: Polyester is known for being able to do this, and this fabric is no different. It wicks sweat and moisture away quickly and effectively, keeping players dry so they can do their best.
  • Comfort: The 100% polyester interlock with PosiCharge is still comfortable, even though it is durable and wicks away sweat. It feels soft and smooth against the skin, which keeps you from getting chafing and making physical activities uncomfortable.
  • Eco-Friendly: PosiCharge technology is made to be eco-friendly, so textile treatments have less of an effect on the earth.


This fabric is quite adaptable, and it can be used to make a wide variety of athletic garments, such as jerseys, shorts, pants, and even more. In addition to this, its application is not restricted to the realm of sports; rather, it is also utilized in the production of fashionable and comfortable activewear that can be worn on a daily basis. You May Like: Priyanka Mohan Hot Photos


100% polyester interlock with PosiCharge technology revolutionizes sportswear. PosiCharge technology adds color retention and durability to the polyester interlock’s great features. The perfect fabric for sports teams searching for vivid and long-lasting uniforms or individuals seeking comfortable and high-performance sportswear, this fabric blends style and practicality.

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