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Alex Scott who was the presenter of BBC Ambassador for Refuge!!

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The football player of England and the presenter of BBC Alex Scott has been announced as an ambassador for Refuge of Charity. The Host of One Show has a mortgage that will help the Victims and the people who have survived from that moment and used the platform to raise awareness in the eye of the public about Domestic waste.
The ex-Lioness has also joined the charity to aware people of Domestic Abuse. Alex has also spoken about her childhood when she faces Domestic abuse when she was a child her father had violent behavior with her Mother and herself and said that she wishes that she could talk about it sooner.
Refuge said that after Alex was inspired by her work ‘She donated her profit which come from the book in the charity’. The star said: it is so much honor to become the ambassador of Refuge. I started working with Refuge and I also write a book in which I told about my childhood and the Domestic Abuse that happened with me.
After that happened to me I learn so much about Domestic abuse in Society. And learn about the people who survived Domestic abuse and its impact on them.
She said that because of it she wants to spread awareness of domestic abuse. And wants people to learn about it so that they will never face it. She also said that she will try to do her best to save people from Domestic Abuse.

What is Refuge?

It is the largest Domestic Abuse organization in the UK. It opened the world’s first house which is a very safe place for children and women in 1971. This organization is helping thousands of people. Which is facing domestic problems and helping them to turn back into their life.
  • They help them emotionally, physically, and financially to defeat the fear.
  • You can contact Refuge with the help of this number:
    0808 2000247.
  • The members of this charity work 24 hours for the people.

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