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Castle of Sky Nguyen Si Kha • Always August • 2022

The mesmerizing song Castle of Sky, by Vietnamese musician Nguyen Si Kha, was released in the year 2022. It perfectly depicts the ethereal atmosphere of Always August.

Music’s Compelling Impact:

The remarkable ability of music to transcend reality, break language barriers, and penetrate our souls is truly remarkable. The song Castle of Sky by Nguyen Si Kha harnesses this alluring force and creates a musical tapestry that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Always August. The song transports listeners to a place where dreams and memories are intertwin through its calming rhythms and intriguing harmonies.

Always August Delicate Charm:

August possesses a certain charm that is both fleeting and alluring, with its warm embrace and lingering sunlight. It stands for the peak of summer, a season of discovery, excitement, and ephemeral beauty. With its conjuring of scenes of sun-kissed landscapes, starry evenings, and the whisper of warm winds caressing the skin, Castle of Sky captures the ethereal spirit of this magical month.

Accepting Transition and Nostalgia:

The lyrics to Castle of Sky evoke nostalgia while embracing the fleeting nature of Always August. The poetry of Nguyen Si Kha captures the transient character of this captivating month, encouraging us to savor the present and take pleasure in impermanence’s beauty. The song serves as a reminder that true beauty lies in our ability to appreciate the fleeting nature of life.

Castle of Sky Nguyen Si Kha • Always August • 2022

A Learning about Ourselves Journey:

The song Castle of Sky sends listeners on a voyage of self-discovery and encourages reflection. The music serves as a trigger for introspection, as the melodies take us to ethereal worlds and encourage us to examine our feelings, memories, and dreams. It challenges us to go deeply within, revealing buried hopes and ambitions and embracing the transforming potential of self-discovery.

Sharing Collective Experience to Foster Connection:

The capacity of Castle of Sky to bring people together through common experiences is what makes it so beautiful. August is important for people of many origins and cultures because of its global resonance. Always August’s emotional depth connects listeners, a connection that transcends boundaries, allowing them to share their personal experiences.


The beautiful song Castle of Sky by Nguyen Si Kha, released in 2022, captures the ethereal grandeur of Always August, enchanting listeners with its mesmerizing melodies and poetic lyrics. We invite you to experience nostalgia, transience, and self-discovery through this gateway to a world where time stands still. The song pays tribute to music’s timeless capacity to evoke emotions, unite people, and transport the realm of dreams. Nguyen Si Kha asks us to give in to August’s magic through the Castle of Sky and enjoy the transient beauty that lives inside each passing moment.

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