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Dr Arooba Tariq Everything You Need To Know About It

Greetings! Today we will talk about Khabarnaak Show co-host Dr. Arooba Tariq. In this article, we are sharing Dr. Arooba Tariq’s important information, like how she joined Aftab Iqbal’s team and worked for the Khabarnaak show, whether she is a doctor or just an anchor or host, her age, height, weight, husband or boyfriend, and Dr. Arooba Tariq’s favorites. Educational background of Dr. Arooba Tariq Dr. Arooba Tariq, social media Dr. Arooba Tariq Cute Photos Doctor Arooba Tariq Carrier Dr. Arooba Tariq Story Wikipedia biography of Dr. Arooba Tariq


  • Full Name: Dr. Arooba Tariq
  • Nick Name: Dr. Arooba
  • Brith Of place: Pakistan
  • Date Of Brith: 22-September-1993
  • Age: 27 Years
  • Profession: TV Host, Doctor
  • Religion: Islam
  • Height: 5ft 6inh
  • Weight: 65KG
  • Hair Color:  Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Dark Black
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Net Worth: 4 To 5 Crore

Family Info

Dr Arooba Tariq Everything You Need To Know About It
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She comes from a house of Muslims. Dr. Triq is her father’s name, and he is a doctor and doctor of medicine. The mother of Dr. Arooba is an artist who makes a living in her field. She has a brother and a sister. Her sister is a lawyer in England, and her brother is studying hard. She hasn’t married yet. You May Like Also: Becky Bandini

  • Father Name: Doctor Tariq
  • Mother Name: N/A
  • Sister: 1 lawyer in England
  • Brother: Muhammad Roman
  • Marital Status: Unmarried


Dr Arooba Tariq Everything You Need To Know About It

Arooba Tariq is a doctor who got her MBBS from the Service Institute of Medical Science in Lahore. She works at a private hospital in Lahore. She also works in the media, and blogs, and has a lot of followers on social media. She first worked in the media by hosting a show on the radio about the lives of medical students and workers. In 2017 and 2018, her big break came when she started hosting the morning show 7 News Zindagi Ke Rung. She was also in charge of the Ramadan broadcast in 2018. In 2019, she worked as their digital host for Lahore Qalandars.

She also hosted Sab Sur Hamary for PTV Home in the same year. This was a new version of the famous show Angan Angan Tare, which Hadiqa Kiani had handled in the 1990s. When she became a co-host on Khabaryar on Neo TV and later hosted Open Mic Cafe for team Aftab Iqbal, Dr. Arooba became well-known. She was also part of the team that moved to tell people that the popular show Khabardar would be coming back to the channel.

Live Show: Dr. Arooba Discusses Her Marriage

Dr Arooba Tariq Everything You Need To Know About It

Dr. Arooba is a general doctor and co-host of the Kharbarhar show. She is very attractive. She told Ahmad Ali Butt in a recent interview that she had millions of people following her on Instagram. She said that her job is the most important thing to her and that health always comes first. She said that she is always getting better at being a host. You May Like Also: Alice Christy Gomez

When asked about her marriage, Dr. Arooba said that she was getting a lot of offers, but nothing was set in stone. She hasn’t gotten married yet. She doesn’t know anything about her boyfriend. She also said that doctors were in her family.

Education / Qualifications

  • School: Girls High School
  • College/University: Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore
  • Qualification: MBBS

Social Media Accounts

Dr Arooba Tariq Everything You Need To Know About It

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Facts About Dr. Arooba

Dr Arooba Tariq Everything You Need To Know About It

  • Dr. Arooba lived in Lahore and went to school there until she graduated. The Services Institute of Medical Sciences in Lahore is where she got her MBBS.
  • The Nation Hospital in Lahore is where Dr. Arooba works.
  • She is one of two children. In England, her older sister is a lawyer, and her younger brother, Rumman, is in school.
  • Both of her parents work at different places. Her father is a doctor who runs a clinic. Her mother is an artist who is very good at what she does.
  • Aftab Iqbal and Dr. Arooba work together. She is a doctor by trade, but she also runs Open Mic Cafe and is a co-host on The Khabarhaar Show.
  • She works at a TV station. Dr. Arooba hosts a show and spends time on it. She also works in a hospital.
  • Dr. Arooba likes to work on TV as a hobby.
  • Dr. Arooba Tariq likes to host events, take pictures, and learn new things.
  • One of the people who goes to the gym often is Dr. Arooba Tariq.
  • She has a lot of fans, but only four people follow her on Instagram.
  • Arooba Tariq is very active on Instagram and posts pretty pictures all the time.
  • Arooba Tariq really likes dogs.
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