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Ducky Bhai: Biography, Pictures, And More Interesting Facts

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Ducky Bhai is a man himself who is well-known as a Roaster, Vlogger, Youtuber, and Gamer. He is a Muslim. He has the most subscribers in Pakistan. Ducky Bhai was born in Pakistan on 21 December 1997. He is a daily Vlogger. Also, started his career on a Youtube channel and now he is touching the heights of success. We can say that ducky bhai has won many hearts and there is no doubt that he won this success with so much hard work and difficulties. Ducky Bhai makes daily vlogs to stay active on her Social media. Through his youtube channel, he talks to her fans from the comment section and gets reviews from the people.

Ducky Bhai Real name:

Saad Ur Rehman is the real name of Ducky Bhai. The zodiac sign of Ducky Bhai is Sagittarius. And Sagittarius is Curious and Energetic, also it is one of the biggest travelers among all of the other zodiac signs.

Ducky Bhai Wife:

Ducky Bhai is Married. He got married at the age of 25. He married recently in 2022 and her wife’s name is Aroob Jatoi.  She is also a Vlogger as Ducky Bhai. Ducky Bhai met Aroob through Instagram chat. Recently Ducky Bhai tell in his vlog that they both started chatting in 2018. Many well-known YouTubers come to her wedding will including Zaid Ali T, Shaveer Jafry, Sham Idrees, Tabish Hashmi, Ukhano, Romaisa, and many more. Ducky Bhai also made a vlog that how he met Aroob Jatoi. Nowadays we can see them together in Ducky Bhai vlogs.

Duck Bhai Age:

In 2023 the age of Ducky Bhai is 25 and the age of his wife Aroob Jatoi is 23 years. She was born on October 10, 2000. She was also born in Lahore.


Ducky Bhai has 2 brothers. The brother of Ducky Bhai is Muneeb and as his brother he also had a youtube channel. He has appeared many times in her vlog and helped his brother to make vlogs such as when Ducky is driving. He also makes a short part of vlogs during his brother’s wedding. His other elder brother does not like to come on social media platforms. That’s why his details are not available.

Ducky Bhai Family:

Ducky Bhai lives with his family including his parents and brothers. His parent’s names are not shown publically but his father was a Japanese Scientist and did his Ph.D. His mother is a housewife.

Childhood of Ducky Bhai:

Ducky Bhai completed his Primary education in Japan. Then her family moved to Pakistan. He also Knows how to speak Japanese Recently he also reacted to his childhood videos with her wife Aroob. This video got 187k likes and 2.6 Million Views. In that video, he shows his childhood memories in his School in Japan.


Ducky Bhai did not tell her Net worth. But once he said that much money that he can buy three fortuner in a week. When he had 3.85 million Subscribers. He earned 6.45 million estimated.

Physical appearance

Height 5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight 77 KG
Eyes Color Black
Hairs Color Black


Youtube/Gaming channel:

Ducky Bhai also has a youtube channel as Ducky Bhai by which he had earned a great amount of fans by her funny sense of humor and entertainment. He did daily vlogging on her channel. Ducky Bhai collab with many big Youtubers through her youtube channel. He also roasted many of her youtube friends through her youtube channel. He has also earned lots of love from people through her youtube channel. Ducky Bhai also has a Gaming channel called Ducky Extra which has 1.85 million views in it.


Ducky Bhai had 5.11 million subscribers on her youtube channel ‘Ducky Bhai’.


Ducky Bhai has been awarded two times in Pisa awards in 2021 and 2022 as the best Youtuber through the hardest nominees. After all of this, he won an award-nominated with the great YouTubers. Ducky Bhai also made vlogs while receiving the awards and at the end of the vlog, he also thanks all of her fans for the love he received in the form of the awards. He said, while the speech:

“He wants to thank the Youtube community. And does not care how many followers have, how many subscribers you have, not just on YouTube but all over other communities thank you”.

Brand Ambassador

Many big brands such as the well-known brand Samsung have also made Ducky Bhai the Brand Ambassador and they also pay them a lot amount of money.

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Daily motion:

Ducky Bhai’s daily motion is daily vlogging from where he got a lot of views. He has more than 100 vlogs on his youtube channel. Ducky Bhai is making a big amount of money through his entertaining channel. Memes are one of the most important parts of his vlogs. Most people just love and subscribe to his channel due to his memes.


Ducky Bhai also has a TikTok account with 1.3 million followers and 13.7 million likes. And also has an Instagram account.


Ducky Bhai is also invited to Nadir Ali’s podcast on 29 September 2022. He is also invited to Shaveer Jafry’s interview called Honest Hour. And many more places he was interviewed. They are soon coming up with a new project which will be going to be held in Dubai.

Sham vs Ducky:

Ducky Bhai posted a roasted video on Sham Idrees saying that they make Fake Content. After that, the fans of Sham Idrees start hating Ducky Bhai. After that in 2019 in a Karachi Mall sham idrees and Froggy was also hit by the fans of Ducky Bhai. 4 years ago Ducky Bhai also make a video that how Sham Idrees started threatening him and that he will destroy his house and said that take care of your parents. In that Video, he also shows how Sham Idrees call Ducky Bhai’s parents saying that Saad is involved in Cybercrime. He also shows other people’s responses to Sham Idree’s hate in that video which include Zaid Ali, Shaveer Jafry, and Moroo.

Ducky Bhai Pictures:

Here are some Captured Moments of Ducky Bhai and his Wife.

The Ducky Bhai: Biography And More Interesting Facts

  • Ducky Bhai recently attempted Umrah with his wife Aroob Jatoi in 2023.
The Ducky Bhai: Biography And More Interesting Facts
While performing Umrah
The Ducky Bhai: Biography And More Interesting Facts
Nikkah Picture
The Ducky Bhai: Biography And More Interesting Facts
Brarat Day
The Ducky Bhai: Biography And More Interesting Facts
Walima Day Caption
The Ducky Bhai: Biography And More Interesting Facts
Ducky Bhai’s wife whose name is Aroob Jatoi


Q1: Where does Ducky Bhai live?

Ans: He lives in the city of Lahore in Bahria Town, Pakistan.

Q2: Why is Ducky Bhai famous?

Ans: He is famous for his talent, which has been shown in roasting and vlogging. People love him for his roasting on youtube channel.

Q3: What is the PUBG ID of Ducky Bhai?

Ans: Ducky Bhai PUBG ID is 5193701583.

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