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Everything about Leanne Goggins and Her Suicide Motive

Leanne Goggins was good at business and had a business walking dogs. She is known for her work as a businesswoman and for being married to Walton Goggins before they split up.

Leanne was also the first guide for Canyon News. Her ex-husband was a well-known actor who got a lot of press and an Emmy for the short film The Accountant.

Her husband is famous for giving great performances on many TV shows, such as Justified Drama. The terrible thing that happened in Leanne’s life made her kill herself in 2004.

Her death shocked everyone, but those who knew her will always remember her. Let’s go over all the interesting parts of Leanne Goggins’s life.

Early Life

Leanne Goggins was born in 1967 to Leanne Kaun, who later married Walton Goggins, a famous Hollywood director and actor. Arnold and Peggy are her parents’ names, but we don’t know anything else about them or her background.

Leanne experienced a difficult childhood due to her virus-caused birth defect, and jaundice. To stop the disease, the doctor kept her on a strict diet.

She also missed a lot of school because her parents couldn’t afford it. Even though things were hard, she finished grade and high school, got her degree, and then kept training her pets.

The profession of Leanne Goggins?

Everything about Leanne Goggins and Her Suicide Motive
Credit: Google

Leanne enjoys learning about dogs and other pets a lot. Pets have been her thing since she was very young. She gave in to her love when she felt better.

She started a dog-walking business at that time that quickly became the biggest in the area, drawing customers like Liberty and Canyon News. It was based in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood of Hollywood Hills. You May Like Also: Episodes in All The Queens Men Season 3

Leanne took them swimming, climbing, running, and to many other places. She also started a dog-walking business in California. Her clients always gave her good reviews and said she was great at taking care of dogs, which helped her business grow.

Her husband played a famous part in the TV show Justified and in the movie Predators. He was promoted to a lead cast member, continued to do well in the entertainment business, and was in the movie Cowboys & Aliens during this time. His most recent works include Django Unchained, Sons of Anarchy, The Hateful Eight, and many more.

Reason of Death

Everything about Leanne Goggins and Her Suicide Motive
Credit: Google

Before she died, Leanne Goggins had only been living for a few years. On November 12, 2004, she jumped from the 17th floor of an office building in Los Angeles.

Everyone was shocked when Walton’s wife killed herself, and then it was found that she had been depressed for a long time. She gave Walton the divorce papers to end their four-year relationship four days before she killed herself.

She also went to the hospital for care of the injuries she got from the long fall from the 17th floor. It was terrible for her family and her separated husband when she died.

The funeral took place at the Hollywood Funeral Home on Santa Monica Boulevard on November 29, 2004. A lot of people were sad too because she was taking care of their dogs.

Net Worth

Leanne’s husband is worth almost $10 million, but no one has ever said how much she is worth. The exact amount of Leanne’s net worth is unknown, but based on her successful business efforts, it is thought to be $300,000.

Her husband made a lot of money when he was in movies and TV shows. In 2018, he was cast in the superhero movie Ant-Man and the Wasp.

It did well at the box office and made over $622 million around the world. Movie critics liked how funny and fun the movie was, as well as how well the actors played their parts.

He was also in movies with Evangeline Lilly, Bobby Cannavale, Randall Park, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Judy Greer. The Evening Sun, Chrystal, The Accountant, and Randy and the Mob are the four movies that her husband Walton produced through Ginny Mule Pictures.

The Aftermath of Her Death

He was shocked to hear that Leanne had killed herself, even though he and Leanne were no longer together. After meeting director Nadia Conners in 2011, he got married to her.

They also have a child together. Besides that, he spent a lot of time traveling and taking pictures in his spare time. He did work for a lot of non-profits. Leanne isn’t there anymore, and Walton is busy.

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