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How To Unlock Weapons: Deep Rock Galactic

You can enter the world of Hoxxes as one of the four dwarves in Deep Rock Galactic. To get back to your space rigs, you have to mine minerals and fight waves of bugs.

As a result, tools (or guns) are very important! We’ll show you how to get guns in Deep Rock Galactic today, so you can make it through this planet easier!

Deep Rock Galactic Weapon Unlocking

Deep Rock Galactic gives each class three primary and three secondary weapons. The first one in each group is free.

You have to do equipment license tasks to get new weapons. The assignment board will only show these tasks if you hit a certain level in a class. When you reach levels 10 and 18, you can usually get the new equipment for the main guns. When you reach levels 15 and 21, you can use the backup weapon assignments. There are three missions in each equipment license assignment. The missions rely on your class and the weapon you’re currently unlocking.

Here is a list of Deep Rock Galactic guns that you can get:


  • Level 10, Point Extraction, Mining Expedition, and Elimination for Thunderhead Heavy Autocannon.
  • Level 15 and Mining Expedition, Escort Duty, and Egg Hunt for BRT7 Burst Fire Gun.
  • Hurricane Guided Rocket System: level 18, Elimination, On-site Refining, Point Extraction.
  • Level 21 Mining Expedition, Elimination, and Escort Duty for ArmsKore Coil Gun.


  • M1000 Classic: You need to be level 10 and have completed Egg Hunt, Mining Expedition, and Escort Duty.
  • Zhukov NUK17: You need to be level 15 and have completed Escort Duty, Point Extraction, and Mining Expedition.
  • DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine: levels 18 and up, Egg Hunt, Mining Expedition, and Point Extraction are needed.
  • Nishanka Boltshark X-80: level 21 and Point Extraction, Mining Expedition, and Salvage Operation need


  • Cryo Cannon: need level 10, salvage operation, egg hunt, and point extraction.
  • Experimental Plasma Charger: You need to be level 15 and have completed Salvage Operation, Egg Hunt, and Elimination.
  • Corrosive Sludge Pump: on-site refining, point extraction, and escort duty are all required at level 18.
  • Colette Wave Cooker: You need to be level 21 and have completed Egg Hunt, On-site Refining, and Mining Expedition.


  • You need to be level 10 and know how to use point extraction, salvage operations, and mining expeditions to get the “Stubby” Voltaic SMG.
  • To use the Breach Cutter, you need to be level 15 and have Egg Hunt, On-Site Refining, and Elimination.
  • To get the LOK-1 Smart Rifle, you need to be level 18 and know how to salvage, refine, and do escort duty.
  • Shard Diffractor: You need to be level 21 and have completed Escort Duty, Salvage Operation, and Mining Expedition.

The weapon is yours once you finish the third task in the assignment! Now you need to get credits and rare minerals and buy your brand-new guns at the Equipment Terminal. You May Like: Technology Blvd Austin Tx 78727

Common Tools

How To Unlock Weapons: Deep Rock Galactic

  • Mining, digging, and melee damage are done using the pickaxe. Click [MINE] (Right Mouse by default) or hold the left trigger to swing it. The Pickaxe’s melee damage is minimal, but modifications unleash the Power Attack, a point-blank attack that can rapidly obliterate any terrain.
  • The caves are lit by temporary high- or medium-intensity flares. They are thrown by pressing [FLARES/FLASHLIGHT] (“F” by default) or B. All Dwarves carry infinite amounts, although only a few flares may be carried at once and must recharge. Despite their names, the two flares have the same light radius and power.
  • Marking locations of interest with the laser pointer requires holding down [LASERPOINTER] (“Left Ctrl” by default) and clicking to locate a place of interest. The whole team can see marks on their HUD and a luminous sphere in the game. Pressing [USE] (“E” by default) lets players set private waypoints.
  • The Terrain Scanner instantly maps the miner’s location. Holding the [TERRAIN SCANNER] (“TAB” and “M” by default) or View button activates it. Click and drag to rotate the map. All players have colored icons. The Terrain Scanner shows waypoints.
  • The portable hacking device hacks rival bots or technology. Bring out the device and manually operate it near the hackable technology. The device user must complete a short puzzle to hack the target object.


  • APD-B317 (Bosco) only appears on single missions to assist Dwarves with mining and warfare. Bosco follows and hovers around the player and can be controlled by marking interests with the laser pointer. Marking resources makes Bosco dig them up, whereas marking ordinary rock makes him shine. Bosco can autonomously find and kill threats with its machine guns and restore downed players. Bosco self-destructs when a new player arrives and returns when they leave.
  • The Mining Utility Lift Engine (M.U.L.E., or “Molly”) is a quadruped robot that stores dwarfs’ harvested minerals. It will follow a team on its own or be summoned to a player with the [CALL M.U.L.E.] (“C” by default) key or Y button. A mule can climb walls and walk on ceilings to reach a spot. MULEs have endless carrying room, and their transponders activate when mission quotas are met. The MULE will automatically return to the Drop Pod when the transponder is enabled, guiding the Dwarves there.
  • Another quadruped robot like the MULE is the Breakpoint Explosives Transport-Combat-Specification (BET-C, or “Betsy”), which is larger and armed. BET-C, originally designed to aid fighting, has been infected by two Xynarch Charge-Suckers and is dormant. Once approached, the BET-C will activate and fire on the dwarves. To disarm it and restart the system, kill the Xynarchs so it becomes friendly again. BET-C will maintain cover fire for the dwarfs throughout the operation after restarting.

Support Drops

How To Unlock Weapons: Deep Rock Galactic

  • Resupply pods replenish ammunition and health by 50%. Call 80 Nitra. Gather the requisite Nitra, press the [ORDER restock] (“5” by default) key on the keyboard, choose a position to call the restock, click or press down twice on the D-Pad, and press Right Trigger. Resupply pods contain four packets, one for each dwarf. Each packet recovers half your maximum health and ammunition without resupply.
  • The Drop Pod is a space shuttle with a giant drill on the underside that breaks the planet’s surface and deploys dwarfs to dig. It transports dwarfs to and from assignments.
  • Smaller than the Drop Pod, the Personal Drop Pod can carry one dwarf into the caves. Players who join a mission after Drop Pod deployment are introduced.
  • Only Point Extraction has the defence platform and heavy lifter Mine Head. Point-extraction missions use it as a stationary depository and defensive position instead of the MULE. It has floodlights, automatic sentry guns, a transponder, and a central rocket/depository. The rocket launches when the transponder activates. Drop Pod will land on the map a few minutes later to transport the dwarves home.
  • The Nanite Bomb Dispenser dispenses volatile Nanite Bombs for the Tritilyte Crystal Machine event.
  • The on-site refinery platform and heavy lifter are exclusive to it. A stationary storehouse and central defense position, it substitutes the MULE during during-site refining operations. It has floodlights, pipe-starting nodes, a transponder, and a central rocket/depository. The transponder activates the pump sequence and launches the rocket when activated again. Drop Pod will land on the map a few minutes later to transport the dwarves home.
  • A massive, automated mining vehicle called “Doretta” by the Dwarves is the Drilldozer, which is used during Escort to harvest an Ommoran Heartstone.


R&D, which stands for Research and Development, is used in some accounts of weapons and upgrades. The DRG department in charge of making new weapons and gear for the Dwarves does this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Assignment board weapon unlocking: how?

Start and finish new assignments with the updated weapon picture to unlock them. Just play the right quest. No risks are needed!

Q: Do I have to assign weapon licenses immediately?

No need! Weapon license assignments are typical. You can do them whenever you want—they never expire!

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