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How to watch FOX networks without cable on Roku device In 2023? Full Guide

Exciting news for everyone who is a FOX networks lover, if they are thinking that, how to watch FOX networks without cable on a Roku device In 2023? so don’t be upset we will guide you about it in this article read till the end for having latest information.

With its modern programming, FOX entered the TV broadcasting scene in the late 1980s alongside ABC, CBS, and NBC. They made it possible for people to enjoy iconic television programs like The Simpsons, Married, with Children, and In Living Color at home on a big screen.

How to watch FOX networks without cable on a Roku device In 2023?

FOX is the biggest modern network and is currently creating content such as The Masked Singer, Master Chef, and sensible episodes of The Simpsons, 34th season.

Maybe you are among the millions of users out there who are saving a bundle by dropping their traditional cable providers and joining the TV streaming revolution. If now you’re thinking about it and you may be wondering if it’s still possible to access your favorite FOX programs, including local programming from your regional affiliate.

Fortunately, the response is yes.We’ll continue over all you need to know about utilizing your Roku device to watch all of your favorite FOX programs, including FOX News and Fox Sports, without needing conventional cable in this article.

FOX Benefits

FOX NOW – You can watch all your favorite content on demand and live, While most of the material doesn’t require login. You can connect it to your linking pay-TV service provider to get the full experience.

FOX News – FOX News provides a facility to watch easily the famous network live, and stay up on original programs. While highlights cost nothing, you’ll just require to join the app to your service provider for having a good experience.

FOX Sports News– As we have described channels, you can catch up free of cost previews and highlights get free highlights. But you can get more advantages after connecting to your TV service provider with it.

You can enjoy games as well by using it such as FS1 studio shows like Skip & Shannon:

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + live TV is the best option with huge kinds of content available, it’s user-friendly. Because its plans are Starting at $69.99/month, the basic plan offers 75+ Live TV channels including FOX, FOX Business, FOX News, FS1, FS2, and The Big Ten Network.


DIRECTV STREAM is a good streaming service for watching live network TV and popular cable TV shows. Their starting “Entertainment” plan is $69.99/month consisting of FOX, FOX Business, FOX News, FS1, and Fox Weather.

If you are finding FS2 and The Big Ten Network, you can avail of these on DIRECTV STREAM by using other package levels.


If you are a sports lover, FuboTV is a streaming service provider you must consider the plans. Their starting plan is $69.99/month and you’ll not only enjoy FOX, FOX Business, FOX Weather, and FOX News, but you would be able to use FS1, The Big 10 Network, the ESPN family of networks too, NFL Network, NBC Sports, and much more to be entertained.

Sling TV

Sling provides viewers with the facility of low packages. If you are in search of FOX, you’ll choose the Blue plan over the Orange plan, as it has wonderful features of FOX, FS1, & FOX News. This plan begins at just $40/month.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV started the TV streaming game with a low package beginning at $64.99/month, you gain 85+ channels consisting of live FOX, FOX News, Fox Business, FOX Weather, Fox Soul, The Big Ten Network, and both FS1 and FS2. You will also get a cloud DVR for unlimited time!

With 100+ channels in their live TV lineup, Vidgo has provided your preferred FOX programming.

Additionally, at a very low cost of $59.95/month, you’ll receive your local FOX affiliate, FOX Business, FOX Deportes, FOX East (WNYW), FOX News, FOX Weather, and both FS1 & FS2 as well.

Watching FOX over the air

You must believe that there are a variety of lovely channels going live for free. Tech is now got more featured with an HD digital antenna.

You can directly watch it on Roku TV and automatically popular channels are added to your channel list. Similarly, the material that “your grandparent’s bunny ears picked up” is free for all.

It doesn’t matter which device is your service provider, the Roku device is the best-preferred device. In order to stream your lovely FOX programming without cable in 2023.

Moreover, if you are fond of watching sports on the FOX family of networks, must check out once our new Sports programs.

If you are interested in purchasing a new TV for your house. Must view the JVC, Element, and On. Roku TV models which we have available.


We conclude that there are some special programs mentioned above that fix your problem How to watch FOX networks without cable on a Roku device In 2023? , providing a facility to watch streaming after paying minimum subscriptions.Good Luck!

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