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Misty Raney bio, age, husband, weight gain, and net worth

Misty is a talented homesteader who gained fame through her television appearances. She is also an excellent builder and rancher who has had a big impact on people’s lives, especially in Alaska’s remote areas.

TV reality personality Misty Raney rose to stardom after appearing in the show Homestead Rescue. The program focuses on Alaskans and their ongoing struggle to survive in the outdoors.

Early life and family

Misty Raney was conceived in Sitka, Alaska, on November 9, 1979. She is of American descent, and Scorpio is her astrological sign. She is the second child of Marty Raney and Mollee Roestel. Miles, Melanie, and Matthew are Misty’s siblings, and all three of their names begin with the letter M. Marty and Mollee chose these names to bring their children closer together and help them feel like they are part of a large family. Marty and Mollee had to wait a very long time for help since Melanie is the family’s oldest sister and was truly born in the middle of nowhere. They initially suspected the infant was having breathing difficulties.

Misty Raney bio, age, husband, weight gain, and net worth

The relationships among the family members are strong and close-knit. Misty has walked with her father on his lengthy journeys through the Chilkoot Pass since she was a little girl. Marty wanted to teach his kids early on the importance of independence and how to live in the environment. As of 2019, Miles is regarded as one of the most seasoned travellers and adventurers in the world, while Misty’s sister Melanie runs a highly successful rafting company in Anchorage, Alaska. The younger brother of Misty, Matthew, is a superb stone mason.

Full NameMisty Raney
Date of InstagramNovember birth November the net Wiki worthiest
the NameMarty Raney
Mother NameMollee Roestel
Brother NameMelanee Raner
Profession Farmer
Birth PlaceSitka, Alaska

Age, height, and body measurements

On November 9, 1979, Misty Raney Bilodeau was conceived. She is 42 years old based on her birth date. Misty was born under the Scorpio horoscope, and she has hazel-brown eyes. She is considered to have qualities such as being unwaveringly loyal, clever, emotional, intuitive, strong, passionate, and confident, according to the horoscope reading. Misty is around 5 feet 9 inches tall while standing. There is no information about her waist, breasts, hips, or shoe size.

Name Misty Raney
Height in feet5,8
Height in centimetres173
Weight in pounds150
Eye color68
Hair colorBrown
Height in centimetersBlonde

The net worth of Misty Raney

Since 2016, Misty Raney has become a reality television celebrity. He has made appearances in every episode of Homestead Rescue and gets paid each week. However, it is unknown how much she gets paid from the program or how much she is paid for every episode. By 2022, her net worth is anticipated to be over $300,000.

The main source of income

Although being on a reality TV program could pay well, that isn’t Bilodeau’s main source of income. She has always been a farmer. That’s fantastic since farming may generate a sizable income, and the goods and byproducts are also a fantastic benefit. Even though the yield might fluctuate greatly depending on market pricing, it is still a vital vocation.

Career information

In most circumstances, a person’s career path is heavily influenced by their history and upbringing. Misty Raney is one of those people whose job has a strong connection to their family history. Her Wiki profile states that she was raised in Alaska, where she gained experience surviving under harsh environmental circumstances. She soon picked up useful skills like farming and carpentry from her upbringing.

Misty Raney Bilodeau, like everyone in her family, is a skilled mountaineer and a licensed mountain guide. She is a fantastic hunter-gatherer, logistics coordinator, and musician as well. She is renowned for her work providing clean water and fortifying vulnerable homes.

Misty Raney has experience building smokers and greenhouses for growing and processing food. Additionally, she makes amazing livestock cages that are predator-proof. After she began participating in the reality series Homestead Rescue, her star began to rise. Along with her brother Matt Raney and her father Marty Raney, she makes an appearance. She demonstrates numerous ways for homesteaders to gather food and preserve it for up to a year on the show. She also explains the many processes for turning garbage into fertilizer compost.

Misty Raney bio, age, husband, weight gain, and net worth


Misty Raney, the oldest child of her parents, was born on November 9, 1981. Scorpio was her zodiac sign at birth. She was born in America and is of Caucasian ancestry.

Name Misty Raney
Place of birthSitka, Alaska, United States
Zodiac signScorpio
Current residenceAlaska and Hawaii
Religion Christian
Material StatusMarried
Children 1 net worth
Net worth$300,000
Social media handleFacebook, Instagram

Who is Misty Raney’s husband?

Misty and Maciah Bilodeau have been together since 2000; the precise date of their nuptials is uncertain. They first met about 20 years ago. The couple welcomed Gauge, their first child, into the world on April 14, 2011. Their youngster is continuously being taught how to surf by Maciah, who is an accomplished farmer and skilled surfer. Misty is a fervent surfer as well. The Bilodeaus move to their home in Hawaii for the winter after spending the summer in Alaska helping the family with the stock, gathering food, and hunting.

Misty Raney is married to Maciah Bilodeau. Discover their married life and children in detail

Misty Raney is married to Maciah Bilodeau; hence, she goes by the name Misty Raney Bilodeau. The couple has reportedly been together since 2000, according to Wiki-bio. Evidently, Misty and her significant other have one item to provide that is almost the same. Dim is a builder, but Maciah is a craftsman. On top of that, Maciah is an excellent surfer.

The couple reportedly has one child as of right now. The couple had Gauge, a bouncing baby boy, on April 14, 2011. It was their precious baby. Currently, he is eight years old. Misty Raney Bilodeau routinely shares images of her adorable child and husband on Instagram. Gauge now seems to be a competent surfer like his father, according to a recent post.

Perhaps this explains why her better half refers to her as Little Marty. She is beginning to resemble her father, Marty Raney, more and more, and she has almost the same energy as him. Misty Raney and her significant other, Maciah Bilodeau, are currently living a blissful married life. They cannot possibly be separated, and ideally, each of them will live for all eternity.

Misty Raney bio, age, husband, weight gain, and net worth

Hobbies and favorite things

Misty shares her father’s intense love of music. He gained notoriety for climbing to the summit of Denali and singing his own songs there. Songs like “You Never Wrote,” “Alaska Tattooed Lady,” and “I’ve Been Everywhere” are among his top successes. When she has free time, she spends it with her family, traveling, swimming, or simply unwinding on the beaches of Hawaii. She spends a lot of time caring for her family on and around their homestead. Beer is her preferred alcoholic beverage.

Condition of Misty Raney

According to what we know, Misty Raney is in good health and doesn’t have any significant illnesses. She has improved her physique, polished her manners, and is thriving. Because she had a lifelong interest in the arts, she dabbled in woodworking as a young girl. Misty usually accompanied her father and brothers, and she learned a great deal about real estate by simply watching them. As a homesteader, Raney can also oversee the bulk of the tasks, including constructing the greenhouse, fencing, and chicken coops. Misty Raney’s sickness is all we are aware of.

Weight gain

It is not difficult to infer that Misty feels more comfortable weighing in on conversations because her personal life is subject to increased scrutiny due to her prominence. Pregnant women frequently put on weight, which is what happened to Misty in 2011 when she gave birth to her one and only child. Misty has worked hard to keep her weight stable throughout the years since she enjoys staying in shape. We are unable to confirm any information about her weight growth at this time.


Misty Raney, a talented homesteader and TV reality personality, gained fame after appearing in the show Homestead Rescue. Born on November 9, 1979, in Sitka, Alaska, she is of American descent and has a Scorpio astrological sign. She is the second child of Marty Raney and Mollee Roestel, with Miles, Melanie, and Matthew as siblings. Misty’s family is strong and close-knit, with Miles being a seasoned traveler and adventurer, Melanie running a successful rafting company, and Matthew as a skilled stone mason. Misty’s net worth is estimated to be over $300,000. She has always been a farmer, which generates a significant income from her work on the show.

Misty Raney, born in Sitka, Alaska, is a skilled mountaineer, licensed mountain guide, hunter-gatherer, logistics coordinator, and musician. She is known for her work providing clean water and fortifying vulnerable homes. Raney has experience building smokers, greenhouses, and predator-proof livestock cages. She has been involved in the reality series Homestead Rescue, where she demonstrates various homesteading methods and how to turn garbage into fertilizer compost.

Misty and her husband, Maciah Bilodeau, have been together since 2000. They have one child, Gauge, who is now an accomplished surfer. Misty shares her father’s love of music and spends time with her family, traveling, swimming, and unwinding on the beaches of Hawaii. She is in good health and has improved her physique and manners.

Misty has a lifelong interest in the arts and has dabbled in woodworking since she was a young girl. She has learned about real estate and homesteading by watching her family. She has worked hard to maintain her weight, as her personal life is subject to increased scrutiny due to her prominence.


Who is Misty Raney’s husband?

Maciah Bilodeau is the husband of Misty Raney.

How many kids does Misty Raney have?

Misty Raney has two kids, Melanee Raney and Miles Raney.

What does Misty from Homestead Rescue do for a living?

Farmer, homestead builder, and carpenter

Where does Misty Raney live?

On April 11, 2011, Misty and Maciah welcomed their baby, who will turn 11 in 2022. The family splits its time between two residences in Hawaii and Alaska, where they spend the winters and summers, respectively.

What are the hobbies and favorites of Misty Raney?

Misty shares her father’s intense love of music. He gained notoriety for climbing to the summit of Denali and singing his songs there.

What is Misty Raney’s personality?

Misty is shown as being impatient, obstinate, and having a short fuse.

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