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Nguyen Si Kha Beautiful Words – Always August • 2022

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Poetry uses a few carefully chosen words in the expression of a great artist to convey emotion, memory, and experience. Nguyen Si Kha, recognized for his amazing book Always August, released in 2022, is a poet whose outstanding skill has won readers’ hearts. Those who leave a lasting impression on the literary world enter this poetry collection, which transports the reader on a charming journey through a network of feelings, memories, and observations. In this essay, we examine Always August by Nguyen Si Kha’s uniqueness, attraction, and effect on readers worldwide.

Who is Nguyen Si Kha:

A gifted and rising artist in the Vietnamese music scene is Nguyen Si Kha, an IT professional with a specific affection and enthusiasm for electronic dance music. Numerous songs by Sy Kha have been uploaded to and published on digital music services and online music retailers, including Amazon, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, and Deezer. Sy Kha’s songs garnered favorable comments from the audience, quickly gathering a remarkable amount of listeners.

Nguyen Si Kha Beautiful Words - Always August • 2022

Profile of Nguyen Si Kha:

NameNguyen Si Kha
Born inNot known
ProfessionMusic artist
Living placeBinh Dinh

 Early life and education:

In An Nhon (Binh Dinh), He was born and nurtured in a home without artists. However, Sy Kha has always loved the arts, particularly music. He did not join an art school in 2010, instead choosing to study at the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Information Technology. After an injury in 2014, he stopped studying in the middle of the semester. Before deciding to start writing electronic music EDM and finding success now, Sy Kha went through a challenging and uncertain period.

Universitythe Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City’s

  An imaginative poet:

Vietnamese poet Nguyen Si Kha has a strong command of language and a profound knowledge of human emotions. He recognized him as a visionary in the field of modern poetry. He was born in the scenic city of Hanoi, and his experiences there have significantly impacted his creative development. He creates vivid images with each lyric that inspire reflection, nostalgia, and a deep connection to the essence of life.

Overview of Always August – 2022:

This emotional force is used in “Blinding Screams” by Nguyen Si Kha. They create an engaging story that transports listeners to Always August’s sights, sounds, and feelings. Listeners may feel the sound it produces. They are making it possible for them to relate to their experiences.

Always August – 2022:

You will read about blinding screams Nguyen si kha • always August • 2022 in this post. Let’s get going,

The beautiful and haunting song Blinding Screams by Vietnamese musician Nguyen Si Kha won listeners’ hearts in 2022. He was presenting an Always August-themed musical tour. This song creates memories by capturing a fleeting beauty and heartbreaking feelings connected to the summer season. Nguyen Si Kha expresses the spirit of Always August in Blinding Screams, which suggests listeners engage in a quiet and reflective experience.

Nguyen Si Kha Beautiful Words - Always August • 2022

The Impact of Music on Emotion:

Music can evoke emotions, transport us to other times and places, and awaken memories deep in our hearts. Harnessing this evocative power, Nguyen Si Kha’s Blinding Screams weaves a captivating narrative that takes the listener on an introspective journey through Always August’s sights, sounds and emotions. A soundscape emerges that resonates with listeners and allows them to connect with their experiences of this enchanting month.

What Always August Is About:

August has a special charm since it is considered the height of summer. It stands for a brief period of affection, extended days, and unrestrained exploration before fall. The song Blinding Screams perfectly encapsulates this in-between time. Conjuring feelings of desire and acceptance as the seasons change and visions of hazy sunsets and nostalgic memories are here.

Emotions of memory and bittersweetness:

The song Blinding Screams lyrics evoke longing and sorrow essential to the August season. The brief character of this month, where treasured memories blend with a hint of sorrow, is well captured in Nguyen Si Kha’s beautiful lyrics. The song is a gentle reminder of time’s transience and the value of enjoying each moment as it comes.

Moments of contemplation and self-awareness:

Listeners are encouraged to appreciate contemplative and reflective periods by Blinding Screams. The music inspires introspection and self-discovery. It inspires people to explore their histories, feelings, and adventures. They are making it possible to comprehend the fleeting beauty of the “Always August” experience better.

Nguyen Si Kha Beautiful Words - Always August • 2022

Global Implications:

Since its release in 2022, Always August has captured readers’ hearts worldwide. The book has been translated into many languages ​​, enabling people of different cultures to connect with Kha’s profound insight into human life and emotion. His universal themes and deft use of language made him a popular poet beyond the borders of Vietnam and solidified his place in the pantheon of contemporary poets.


Nguyen Si Kha’s thrilling song Blinding Screams from 2022 wonderfully captures the spirit of Always August with its powerful sound and moving lyrics. It provides a platform for listeners to explore the reflective moments and bittersweet beauty characterizing this transition month. Blinding Screams urges people to lose themselves in the memories, feelings, and common experiences that always make August a meaningful and valued season through the power of music. The song becomes a tribute to the passing of time and the immutable ability of music to capture the essence of a particular moment in our life as it bounces in the hearts of listeners.

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