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Ready to Play! A Guide to Fotyomaç Rules

Fotyoma is an abstract strategy game played by two people in Turkey. A 4×4 board is used to play the game. There are eight black and white pieces for each person in the game. The goal is to either take all of your opponent’s pieces or stop them from moving.

People in Turkey like to play this game, which may have come from the Ottoman Empire. It’s like chess, but the rules are different. Pieces can move horizontally, forward, and backward in Fotyoma. Fotyoma doesn’t let you jump over pieces; if one stops another, it has to be captured.

To win at Fotyoma, you must either capture all of your opponent’s pieces or trap them so they can’t move. When all the pieces are played and no one wins, the game is a draw.

Fotyoma is a fun and difficult game for all ages. To add a new game to your collection try Fotyoma!

The Basic Fotyomaç Rules and Goals

The rules for fotyoma are pretty easy to understand. The goal of the game is to get as many points as you can by putting cards on the table from your hand. Five-card decks are used to play, and each card is worth one point. Aces are worth one point, twos are worth two points, and so on. One person and one other person play the game. Each player is given seven cards.

At the conclusion of the game, the victor is the player who has accumulated the greatest number of points.

Goals and objectives

Fotyoma is a game where you put cards from your hand on the table to score points. Each card in the deck is worth one point. One point is given for an ace, two points for a two, and so on. There is one person and one other person playing. Seven cards are given to each player.

At the conclusion of the game, the victor is the player who has accumulated the greatest number of points.

Plan the strategy

To win at Fotyoma, you just need to follow a few simple rules. One way to do this is to keep track of the cards that have already been played. This will help you guess what cards your opponent has dealt. One more tip is to play cards with a lot of points early in the game. This will help you get points quickly.

You’ll be well on your way to winning at Fotyoma if you remember these simple tips!

Board Setup for Fotyomaç

Set up the Fotyoma board in a few easy steps. Choose a flat surface for the game. This can be a table, floor, or smooth outside ground. Lay out the game board on a suitable surface. The game board has 49 tiny squares, each with nine smaller squares. You May Like: 716-214-2047

The grid-like gaming board should have nine squares per row and column. The first row should have one square, the second two, and so on until the ninth row has nine squares. Place the game pieces after laying out the board. Two coins or small stones are needed for each player. One player will be black one white.

Players should place one of their game pieces on the board to identify themselves. Black goes first, white second. The square should be filled with black and white pieces in the first row and second column respectively. After both players put their pieces together, play begins!

The Way the Pieces Move in Fotyomac

A two-player game called Fotyoma is played on an 8×8 board. Each person has 16 black and white pieces to use in the game. The game can be played with regular chess pieces or with Fotyoma pieces, which are unique.

The goal of the game is to take the king of the other player. Either stopping your opponent’s king from moving or taking all of their pieces is how you win the game.

If neither player has enough pieces to checkmate the other, or if the same move is made three times, the game is a draw.

To begin the game, the black side makes the first move. When you play Fotyoma, black always moves first. The white player makes the next move after the black player. Then each player takes a turn and makes one move.

There are two ways to move Fotyoma pieces:

  1. Each piece can be moved one space at a time in any direction.
  2. The pieces can perform a fotyomaç. A fotyomaç allows a piece to move two spaces in any direction without landing on one of its own pieces.

Any of Black’s pieces, except the king, can be used to make a fotyomac. Any piece that isn’t the king or the queen can be used by the white player to make a fotyomac.

When you play Fotyoma, the queen is the most powerful piece. It can move in any direction, even diagonally. The queen is also capable of making a fotyomac.

The king is the second-strongest piece in Fotyoma. It can move in all directions except diagonally. This is not possible for the king.

This is a strong piece called the rook that can only move left or right. That’s not possible for the rook to do.

The bishop is a strong piece that can only move across the board. The bishop can’t do anything.

How to Win at Fotyomac: Strategies and Plans

Fotyoma is a board game with squares that you play on a grid. It is thought to have come from the Middle East and is one of the oldest board games still played today. Each person has sixteen different colored stones. The goal is to either take all of your opponent’s pieces or stop them from moving.

To win at Fotyoma, players can pick from a number of different methods and strategies. Here are some common strategies and ways.


It’s crucial to remember that fotyoma is about capturing the opponent’s pieces. Thus, you must always consider how to capture the opponent’s pieces and make plays to accomplish this.

A good technique is to dominate the board center. Moves and capturing the opponent’s pieces are most possible at the center of the board. Thus, controlling the center of the board early on is frequently wise.

Another key tactic is to keep your parts together and strive towards a similar aim. Having your pieces in pairs or trios helps them support one another and makes it harder for the opponent to capture them.


To beat other players at Fotyoma, there are many different ways to prepare. Each player can pick their own plan. These are some of the most popular plans.

It’s important to remember that the goal of the game is to take the other team’s pieces. In other words, it is

Learning Resources on Fotyomaç

The Turkish game fotyoma may have originated in the Ottoman Empire. With a special deck of Turkish-themed cards, the goal is to match cards of the same value to remove them from the board. A fun way to spend time with friends or family, the game can be played with two to four participants.

You may learn more about Fotyoma from several resources. Turkish Culture’s essay on the game and its rules is a good start. This YouTube instruction is more detailed on how to play. Finally, this Amazon book covers the game’s history in detail.

These materials should help you start playing Fotyoma quickly. Gather your buddies, mix the cards, and see who can empty their hands first!

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