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I fear no one, but respect everyone. – tymoff

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There are over 7 billion people on this planet and in our lives, we meet many people every day and learn about their nature and learn about different points of view, Because of this we argue, respect, and fight with people. After all of this, we try to be kind every one but sometimes we disagree with people and become angry people.


Respect is derived from a Latin word called recpectus which is also said as respect, consideration, and regard. Re means back and special means to see. The word Respect stands for Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment. When we meet someone we try to respect someone. Respect for anyone also tells us about our manners. It is also our moral character to respect everyone. It also brightens our character. If we give respect we will also earn respect. If we do not appreciate someone we will give them respect. Respecting someone does not mean that it is fear it is the love and respect we give to the person. Giving respect to someone is different and fearing for someone is different.

Fear No One

We do have not to fear anyone. We should stand up for ourselves but not get into violence and respecting someone does not mean that we are fearing someone. It does not mean that I want people to get self-conscious while ordering someone and we should not have to take benefit from our social status and respect to people with lower status. Try to be confident, do physical clues, and, make yourself physically stronger. We should also respect everyone even if it is the prime minister or if he is a poor person. If you want to resolve a conflict do not come into violence respect everyone. If you want to become a master status respect everyone. Try to be aware of fighting. Going to hotels and restaurants is good for your behavior.
Yes, we can respect everyone besides fearing someone by conscious practice and effort.

Examples of Showing Respect to Other

1: Listening

If we want to know about people’s nature we have to listen to everyone and it is a basic nature. If we give
someone time, listen to them, and observe them we earn respect. people will think that we will give him

2: Supporting

When you support someone, he will give you respect. We should recognize them and appreciate people’s work. Appreciation does not just mean giving gifts to them it also means giving and appreciating them with words. It boosts them and it will make them forced to give respect. If feel that they are not alone. Everyone faces good and bad days in their life we should respect them.

3: Showing kindness

We should show everyone kindness even if they are rich or poor or about our social status. Kindness is also the key to respect. It influences our soul. It involves us to understand people. It is the expression of Respect and compassion. Being kind to someone will help us to feel respected.

4: Being Polite

When we become polite to someone it will make people respect us. It is the tool to earn respect. Being polite is a positive thing and good for our social status and people appreciate us. Kindness and politeness make our character strong. Kindness makes a good impact on people’s souls.

Importance of Giving Respect

If we give someone respect it will also give us respect. Respect makes our character strong. It makes a positive vibe. If we do not give them respect, they will also not give us respect. It also helps us to make safe, good, and, trustable relationships. It will cover all of your defaults. It helps us to become successful.

Do Respect To Earn Respect

Respect is a very essential part of our life. If you wish to earn respect from another person, you must need to respect others. On your turn, if you don’t respect others then absolutely others will also in return disrespect you. In some places, if someone is not bothering you with respect, you should need to move with patience and cooperation. Try to give love in return for hateness. It will bring one-day goodness for you and it’s also a God promise.

Fear No One But God

On the spot, if people are disgracing your self-respect you don’t need to be fear. Take a step with a strong voice because it’s all about your self-respect. Just remember one thing at that point there is not any kind of fear in your heart except the fear of God. It will obviously help you out positively and disappear the fear in your life.

Story Behind The Successful Person (tymoff)

The story behind every successful person is that he fears no one, but respects everyone. The strategy is exactly this the person never gave up. He tries again, passes through the difficulties without any hesitation, never moves back, and also takes care of others’ emotions, respect, and love. Whether respecting is one precious property, which never let your image down in others’ heart. Many people in this world who are rich today were not just born, actually, they had passed through a tough time and after a long time struggle, they become rich and role models for us.


Fear is the worst thing that destroys a person’s life, especially for children. It also has a harmful impact on the person’s life which as a result causes headaches, weight loss, and other tension diseases. While on the other side, respect plays a positive role in our life from which you can buy every costly thing. Overall, this article is written for your motivation which which helps you to work out your goals without any fear and learn about the ways of respecting others.

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