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Italy’s former leader Silvio Berlusconi dies at 86 : Know The Unknown Facts

Silvio Berlusconi was a previous Italian leader a businessman well-known worldwide for his sex scandals and corruption matters. As the media told, a political personality died in 2023 after completing 86 years of his age.


Berlusconi ruled four Italian governments from 1994 to 2011. He was suffering from lung infection and chronic leukemia for a few months. Recently. He had been admitted to Melan Hospital for 45 days for treatment for his illness.

Sad News

This sad news of his death was first reported by agency LaPresse. A television network owned by Berlusconi released his death news as a headline on the homepage with some photos of him with a smiley face that  “Berlusconi is dead.”

Berlusconi has made a career in politics among the top Italian politicians. His life was overwhelming as a renowned politician. He used to appear many times in court for fighting several like tax, fraud, and attempted bribery Italian women were outraged by his casual misogyny and his sexual conquests. and many more things.

Silvio Berlusconi made his money by promoting his personal and TV stations. He started his early life by selling a minor object which is a vacuum cleaner. He was also the owner of the AC Milan soccer club.


The main thing we know is that In 2013, at a party a Moroccan dancer was invited and her prosecutors alleged had sex with Berlusconi for taking some cash and jewelry.A Milan court first found Berlusconi guilty of paying for sex with a juvenile and using his office to attempt to cover it up after a trial laced with graphic details. Both parties denied having intercourse, and he was ultimately found not guilty.

After serving almost ten years in prison and being barred from holding public office due to a tax fraud conviction related to his Mediaset television company, Silvio Berlusconi was elected to the legislature last year.

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