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Top 10 Most Famous Athletes Over the World

Being an athlete is something most of us would have dreamt of as kids. For a lot of us, this means a life of nothing but games and achievement and with that an abundance of fame and money.

And yet, what most of us fail to see among all of the above gifts mentioned in the list are the years and hours of hard work and efforts, long hours of practice and pain that have given all the below-mentioned players the place they deserve on this list. 

Now, you are curious to know who they are, isn’t it? And so, without any further delay, read on to know each of them and see why they are included on the list. 

Most Famous Athletes Over the World

Tiger Woods

  • If golf is a game you enjoy and follow, then you don’t need anyone to introduce you to Tiger Woods, as this is one of the top golf players having made for himself a prominent place in this game. 
  • The golfer hails from America and began playing right from his early years, having won numerous championships to date.
  • With his incredible talent and work ethic, he has left a mark not just in the world of sports but in popular culture too.

Top 10 Most Famous Athletes Over the World

Conor McGregor

  • Ever heard of Conor McGregor? Of course, you should, what with all the many awards and championships that the athlete has received 
  • This is one athlete who fights with a kind of style that has made him one of the most flamboyant personalities on the field. 

Top 10 Most Famous Athletes Over the World


Rafael Nadal

  • If you love tennis you don’t need his introduction. The Spanish player has won 20 grand slam titles, making him one of the best players in the game, perhaps only next to Roger Federer. 
  • Nadal is mainly known for his mental toughness, incredible athleticism, and ability to stay focused on the field with a fighting spirit, not to forget, his incredible topspin and ability to move around the court with the kind of speed that many can’t reach. 
  • With a passion that began at the age of three, made him a pro at the age of 15, and one of the most successful players that we see today, Nadal has shown the world how perseverance can make one come a long way. 

Top 10 Most Famous Athletes Over the World

Roger Federer

  • And then we have Roger Federer, someone that anyone passionate about tennis looks up to and someday wants to be. 
  • Having won numerous awards over the years, along with 20 grand slam titles, this is one real achiever who has often been referred to as the greatest tennis player of all time. 
  • The star is known to have recently bid goodbye to his career in tennis, and yet, will always be remembered for his exceptional serve, backhand, and volley skills. 
  • Today, he runs numerous charitable causes, especially those that are centered around helping people over the world with educational opportunities. 

Top 10 Most Famous Athletes Over the World


Virat Kohli

  • And next, we have Virat Kohli, a player who hails from India and has contributed more than his fair share in the world of cricket history. 
  • The former captain of the Indian cricket team, Kohli is one of the most influential athletes who has broken numerous records that have rightly labeled him as one of the best batsmen worldwide. 
  • Having played for over a decade, the star has created waves among the people of his nation and over the world, with his fierce determination and aggressive style that he often displays on the field. 

Top 10 Most Famous Athletes Over the World

LeBron James

  • LeBron hails from the United States and saw basketball as a career right from the days of high school. Dreams come true, as today, he is one of the most intimidating players in the NBA, playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, with four championships to his achievement list. 
  • His achievements are, in fact, so outstanding that he is often referred to as King James. All this is enough to convince you of a place for a star on this list.
  • The star has a big heart too, with the LeBron James Family Foundation which he started in 2004 to help budding basketball players achieve their dreams like he did.


Top 10 Most Famous Athletes Over the World

Neymar Jr

  • If you are a fan of football, you wouldn’t be new to Neymar Jr. a star truly deserving of a place on this list, with at least 100 goals to his list of accomplishments to date. 
  • Neymar hails from Brazil and is known for his exceptional skill in dribbling and incredible speed, which have made him the winner of several awards, like the Copa America and the UEFA Champions League. 

Lionel Messi

  • We have all heard of Lionel Messi, haven’t we? This is one of the most celebrated football players so much so that his name is almost synonymous with football. 
  • Hailing from Argentina, the football player has numerous awards to his name, making him second only on this list. 
  • Messi is mainly known for his speed, ability, and creativity, all of which are sure to make his name go down in football history. 
  •  In fact, BBC has labeled him the greatest sportsman in the world. 
  • Sport: Soccer
  • Country: Argentina
  • Salary$48.5 million
  • Endorsements$22.0 million
  • Facebook likes: (does not have a Facebook page)
  • Twitter followers: (does not have a Twitter page)

Top 10 Most Famous Athletes Over the World

Cristiano Ronaldo

This is one name that needs no introduction, does it?

Anyone who is and isn’t in the world of soccer would have come across this name at some point in his life. And so it would only be fair to give him the first place on this list. 

  • Ronaldo hails from Portugal. He has mastered some of the top-tiered leagues with his exceptional talent. And skill over his past two decades on the field. 
  • His numerous achievements have made him one of the most celebrated players in the world. At least when it goes down to soccer history. 
  • Sport: Soccer
  • CountryPortugal
  • Salary$52.2 million
  • Endorsements$27.0 million
  • Facebook likes111.4 million
  • Twitter followers42.1 million

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Top 10 Most Famous Athletes Over the World

Final Words 

And that was quite a colorful list, wasn’t it with games like:

  1. cricket
  2. football
  3. basketball
  4. tennis
  5. golf

You have athletes from various fields who have made for themselves a place on this list. 

All of them show how it is not about the game you choose to play but the hard work.  Also, the determination that you put into it that will determine how well you excel in it. 


1. Who is an athlete?

Some of you may have a bit of confusion here. Make it clear the person who plays a game, any game, and works on it is a trained athlete. Including all the right amount of physical endurance and skill. 

2. Who is the number one athlete in the world?

Christiano Ronaldo. He gets the first place on this list, and not without reason. 

His success in this field has also made him the highest-paid footballer in the world. 

3. What is the top sport in the world?

Football and soccer are the top sports in the world. Though this need not be very significant as success can come from one’s hard work. 

4. Which sport gives the highest salary? 

And the answer is basketball. The average salary of someone playing in the NBA is $10.5 million. 

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