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What’s on BET Plus: Also it’s activation on multiple devices

Are you looking out for BETS Plus information, purpose, activation, prices, and much more?

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BET Plus launched in the U.S. on September 2019,19. The owner and parents of BET+ are  Tyler Perry Studios and Paramount Streaming. BET stands for Black Entertainment Television. Like other platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc,  BET Plus is only used in the USA. But you can also use it in other countries with the help of VPNs.

BET Plus

BET Plus is an enormous big website with different categories which includes Live TV, News, Music, Lifestyle, Shows, videos, Celebrity biography, and much more. It also provides you with the facilities of online shopping. It’s a streaming service with over 1000 hours of Black content by Black creators.

BET Plus app

You can easily download the BET Plus app from App Store.

  1. First moved to the Play/App store.
  2. Then write BET Plus on the search bar.
  3. At first, you will find it out
  4. Finally, then click the button install/download.

Website link:


How much is BET Plus?

It costs $9.99 every month.

BET Plus free trial

It’s not free for a lifetime. You have a bet plus a free trial only for seven days. After seven days, you will be charged you $9.99 per month.

BET Plus prices

You can pay $94.99/year and save over 20% off the monthly price. $9.99 per month, which is equal to $119.88 for the year.

per month:  $9.99

per year:  $94.99/year (after 20%).

BET Plus student discount

According to my research, there are many other websites saying that they have student discounts on BET Plus. But according to me, the BET Plus website is not offering any kind of this facility. Here everyone has to pay monthly $9.99.

BET Plus/activate

  1. First, visit the official website of bet plus/activate on the browser.
  2.  7 boxes will be shown to you on the page, where you have to have to enter the seven digits code,
  3. Then click Okay
  4. Then click the button to sign up which will be given to you.

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What’s on BET Plus

There are a lot of created streaming services with over 1000+ hours of Black content by Black creators. Which are:

  • Shows
  • Movies
  • Episodes
  • Music
  • News
  • Celebrity biography
  • Lifestyle including fashion and beauty
  • Health
  • Tyler Perry
  • Awards shows
  • Hip Hop 50TH
  • Shopping site

BET Plus Shows

Some of the best shows for 2023 are:

  • College Hill.
  • Tyler Perry’s Ruthless.
  • The Basketball Wives 5.
  • The Breakfast Club.
  • Black Ink Crew New York.
  • Love & Hip Hop Miami.
  • VH1 Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition.

BET Plus Movies

The latest movies on BET Plus nowadays are:

  • The Final Say.
  • Love Marry Kill.
  • Training Day.
  • BET & ET Present Tina Turner: Life And Legacy.
  • The Negotiator.
  • Lethal Legacy.
  • Dance for Me.
  • The Reading.

BET Plus episodes

The top episodes of BET Plus are:

  • Bone Black
  • Team Dream
  • In her element
  • Gaps

BET Plus music

Most listen to music on BETS Plus is:

  • The birth of hip hop
  • The African connection
  • Jazz

BET Plus Tyler Perry

Some of the Famous Perry

  • Tyler Perry’s Sistas
  • Tyler Perry’s the oval
  • Tyler Perry’s assisted living


On which devices is BET Plus can activate?

On multiple devices, we can activate BET Plus easily, which includes:

  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Chromecast
  • Smartphones (iOS and Android)
  • Fire stick
  • Desktop
  • IPad and iPhones
  • Samsung TV
  • Hisense VIDAA TV
  • Xfinity- X1 (XG2v2-P, XG1v3, XG1v4,  XiD,  Xi5, Xi6,  XiOne), Flex (Xi6, XiOne,  XClass)

Activation on Roku

For the activation of BET Plus on Roku, follow the following steps:

1: Start with the Roku device on, now click on the Home button on the Roku remote.

2: After clicking the Home screen, head to the Streaming Channels option.

3: Now select the search option given on the right side menu of the device.

4: Then use the virtual keyboard to search up BET Plus.

5: And click on the appropriate application from the given search result.

6: Then tap the Add channel button to install the BET Plus.

7: Press the shown OK button once the activation is completed.

8: At last, select the option of Go to Channel to finally activate on your current device.

How to cancel BET Plus on Roku

  1. First Sign in to my.roku.com.
  2. Then Select Manage your subscriptions and cancel your subscriptions.
  3. After it, Select Done to return to the My Account page.
  4. You will see the option of Deactivate account, Select it.
  5. Finally, you should complete the feedback form and then select Continue to get confirmation of your account’s closure.

Activation on Android Phone(or iOS)

Follow it step by step:

  1. Start with the download of BET Plus on your Android and iPhones.
  2. After downloading, open the app and log in with your BET Plus account if already sign up.
  3. Or if it’s not signed up then you can sign up yourself with your Google account.
  4. Log in and then you will able to access the BET Plus channel on your Androids and iPhones.

How to cancel BET Plus on an Android phone

  1. Move on an Android device, open the Play Store app
  2. Tap the Menu icon
  3. Next Tap on “Subscriptions
  4. After reaching the subscription
  5. Then tap “Manage
  6. And then tap “Cancel
  7. Final tap to “Confirm”.

Activation on Smart TV

It’s full of entertainment watching BET Plus on smart TV. You can also activate it on your Smart TV easily by following these steps:

1: By using the remote control go to the play store.

2: Start searching BET Plus on the search bar, using the on-screen keyboard.

3: Select it and install it.

4: After installation is completed, enter the requirements for login.

5: An activation code will be displayed on your screen.

6: Visit www.bet.com/activate using your laptop browser or mobile phone browser and log in using the same credentials.

7: After logging in you’ll see a blank space to enter your Activation Code then select your TV service provider.

8: Then Activation Successful message will be displayed on your screen.

9: Finally, Your Android TV is now all set for streaming BET NOW.

What's on BET Plus: Also it's activation on multiple devices


Q1: Does BET Plus have a 30-day free trial?

Ans: No, it only has 7 days free trial.

Q2: How do I create a bet plus account?

Ans: By sign up with your Google or a social account you can create a BET Plus account.

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