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Alizeh Shah Everything You Need To Know About It

Hi Guys! This article is about Pakistani beautiful, talented, and young actress Alizeh Shah. We’ll discuss where she started her career, her famous dramas, and her movies and dramas. Which year is she working? Alizeh Shah began acting in dramas. Her age, height, weight, family, boyfriend/husband, and favorite things are also known. Alizeh Shah’s Social Media, Interesting Facts About Her, Her Current Life, and Carrier Story: Alizeh Shah Pictures by Alizeh Shah Alizeh Shah Networth, Education, Hobbies, and Full Wikipedia Biography of Alizeh Shah


  • Full Name: Alizeh Shah
  • Nick- Name: Alizeh
  • Brith Of Place: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Date Of Brith: 9-June-2000
  • Age: 20 Years
  • Religion: Islam
  • Height: 5ft 5inch
  • Weight: 50KG
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Status: Unmarried
  • Hobbies: Makeup, Watching Movies, Singing, Reading Books,
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Net Worth: $5 Million

Age Family Education Carrier And Full Biography

Alizeh Shah Everything You Need To Know About It

Pakistani actress Alizeh Shah rose to fame early in her career with her beauty and talent, despite not being a brilliant actress. Pakistani actress Alizeh Shah is famous today. The Ahad-e-Wafa diva rules millions of hearts and is gaining followers daily. Pakistan’s television industry’s leading actress and show topic sensation debuted in supporting roles. Read Also: Rabeeca Kashif

Born in Karachi, Alizeh Shah began her education there. Alizeh Shah wanted to act from childhood. She tried to imitate cartoon characters in front of a mirror as a child. His parents are also helpful. Alizeh Shah remarked in an interview that her close relationship with her father helped her enter showbiz. She didn’t have to convince her parents because they support and believe in her, Alizeh Shah remarked. Alizeh Shah became glamorous at six, but few knew. The six-year-old starred in a commercial with Pakistani legend Wasim Akram.

An intriguing event preceded this. Ajmal Murad observed Alizeh Shah shopping with her mother in a Karachi mall. Ajmal Murad ran a modeling agency. Ajmal tells Alizeh Shah’s mother that he wants to cast this six-year-old child in a TV ad in May. After Ajmal’s team convinced Alizeh Shah’s mother, she allowed her to act at six, working with then-superstar cricketer Wasim Akram. Her mother supports Alizeh Shah. She assists Alizeh Shah with scene preparation and dialogue memorization. The family’s youngest is Alizeh Shah. One sister, Alizeh Shah, and an older brother Alizeh Shah act and studies. She studies commerce. This is why she works on one project at a time. She works on one play or film at a time to balance school and work.

Alizeh Shah donates her acting earnings to her father. Her father pays her monthly bills and saves the remainder. Alizeh Shah charges 2–3 lakhs for every episode. Alizeh Shah wants to study abroad at a top university. Alizeh Shah thinks it’s crucial for two people to know each other before marriage. Alizeh Shah says she’ll consider her parents’ choice, but she’ll decide. Read Also: Dr Arooba Tariq

Noman Sami is Alizeh Shah’s actor boyfriend. Both have publicly proclaimed on social media that they are dating and in a relationship. Alizeh Shah sings and acts. This skill will be revealed via song, she says. When Alizeh Shah was 14, a firm offered her to model, but her father declined.

Alizeh Shah Everything You Need To Know About It

Alizeh Shah’s father advised her to avoid modeling until she was 20. Alizeh Shah claims she’s waiting to reach 20 to model. Alizeh Shah fears heights. High areas and mountains scare her. Alizeh Shah cleans her face for 30 minutes a day and takes care of her health. She reads English novels and short tales in her free time. She enjoys Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry. English music also pleases Alizeh Shah. She likes Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande. Alizeh Shah wishes to collaborate with Imran Ashraf, her favorite actor.

Alizeh Shah says he is her acting guru, and she can learn a lot from him. She also wishes to work with Hamza Ali Abbasi. A film stardom also launched Alizeh Shah’s career. Alizeh Shah plays a small role in this film. Alizeh Shah said she usually plays a weeper in dramas, but she enjoyed portraying a different character in this film. She will shortly take another picture.

Alizeh Shah played Palwasha in Ishq Tamasha, which caught the attention of producers and viewers with her appealing looks and acting skills. She later won the Hum Award for Best Television Sensation. She starred in hit dramas including Ahad-e-Wafa and Jo To Chah. Read Also: Aroob Jatoi

Family Info

  • Father Name: Update Soon
  • Mother Name: Shameem Bukhari
  • Sister Name: Update Soon
  • Brother Name: Update Soon

Favourite Things

  • Actor: Hamza Abbasi And Imran Ashraf
  • Actress: Update Soon
  • Hobbies: Makeup, Watching Movies,
  • Food: French Fries

Social Media Accounts


Alizeh Shah Everything You Need To Know About It Alizeh Shah Everything You Need To Know About It Alizeh Shah Everything You Need To Know About It Alizeh Shah Everything You Need To Know About It Alizeh Shah Everything You Need To Know About It

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