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Ezra Alvarez obituary derry nh: Cause Of Death

We are feeling very sad to announce the sudden death of Ezra Alvarez, an excellent student and intelligent soccer player who belongs to Pinkerton Academy. 

This accident has left all family and friends in bad condition and sorrow. If you are here to know about Ezra Alvarez’s obituary derry nh so you are at the right place.

Let’s have a look into his life and cause of death. We will explore Ezra Alvarez’s life story and offer him a great tribute to the soul of our hearts for his sudden death.

Quick Info

NameEzra Alvarez
ParentsTiffany Baker and Daniel Marshall
Age19 Years
Birth DateApril 14th, 2006
Death DateFebruary 14th, 2023
BirthplaceBaldwin Park, California

Ezra Alvarez Biography, Parents And Life

Ezra Alvarez was born on April 14th, 2006 in Baldwin Park, California. He spent his early years of age in Montebello, CA. Ezra. His family migrated to Utah. He was fond of football and soccer. 

When he was 8 years old he started playing football. He played in many teams, consisting of Copper Hills, Brighton High, A-game Elite, and Utah Pioneers. 

Ez proudly had the capacity to play both sides of the ball at a very young age. Ez keeps himself for unlimited hours on and off the field to become perfect his craft. He attended the Utah Military Academy to learn leadership qualities.

He was a beloved subscriber of the Pinkerton Academy community, where he beat academic students and made essential records, and gave input to the school soccer program.

Ezra came from the town of Derry in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. He was popular for his fondness of football and his participation in the sports events at the institution.

He spent life with his loving parents, Tiffany Baker and Daniel Marshall; his sister, Jordan Alvarez; his grandmother, Sally Gutierrez; his aunt, Brenda Ramirez; his cousins, Benjamin, JW, and Thomas Ramirez; his great-grandfather, Raymond Gutierrez; many aunts, uncles, and cousins; his football coaches and brothers on and off the field as well

The Misfortune Death: Know the Cause of Death

Ezra Alvarez suddenly died on Tuesday, February 14th, 2023 at his home in Derry at the age of 16, New Hampshire. The accurate information about his death is not declared officially but the reports tell us this was an incident. The people who relate to him are still waiting to know the cause of his death.


This sudden death of Ezra Alvarez’s left the community in sorrow. Jordan Alvarez an online fundraiser started a campaign on GoFundMe to support his family for funeral expenses.

The main purpose of this campaign is to collect the amount of $25,000 for funeral expenses and offer solace to his survival family in this difficult time. To contribute to his family please visit the official fundraiser page.

Condolences: Ezra Alvarez obituary derry nh

Ezra Alvarez obituary derry nh news spread extensively inspiring a flood of sincere condolences. 

We can give him condolence by their official Twitter handle @CopperHillsFB, and pay homage to Ezra, as a friend, brother, and colleague.

The tweet can be something like that, “Our hearts are sad today as we received of the death of Ezra Alvarez, a former Grizzly. Ez was our teammate, our friend, and our brother. Our hearts go out to his family and his pals at Pinkerton (NH) right now. Ezra we love you. We will miss you. Soaring six.’”

Final Words

We pray to him and our all prayers with him with the soul of our hearts. Our sincerest mourning to the family, friends, and community of Ezra Alvarez who love him.

It is very difficult for everyone who loved him to bear such a big loss in the form of Ezra Alvarez. The passionate and remarkable player we have lost. We pray for all those affected by this terrible event, healing, and comfort. May Ezra Alvarez’s soul rest in ease for all time.

His funeral services will be arranged at a later date.

Thanks to all of you who are reading this article. You are always welcome to for informative content please revisit our website. 


Q-How was Ezra Alvarez?

A-Ezra Alvarez was a young student and soccer player at Pinkerton Academy. He lived in Derry, New Hampshire, in the United States.

Q-How did Ezra Alvarez pass away?

A-Ezra Alvarez suddenly died on Tuesday, February 14th, 2023 at his home in Derry at the age of 16, New Hampshire. The accurate information about his death is not declared officially but the reports tell us this was an incident.

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