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Vine served as the foundation for Holly H’s professional life

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 Holy h is a British social media influencer known by her real name, Holly Hubert. Holly has amassed over 16 million TikTok followers. British social media star Holly H has millions of devoted followers on several platforms. Based in Guernsey, Holly shares amusing sketches and dance videos and participates in the newest viral trends.

Vine was the foundation of her career:

In the first half of 2015, Holly got her start in social media on “Vine.” Her song “Vines” went viral quickly. Her ‘Vine’ articles ranged from serious to humorous. His acting skills were on full display.

“The Vines” dealt with serious subjects, while her one-of-a-kind comedy sketches showcased her impeccable comic timing.

Holly’s Vine videos received over 20 million views, and the ‘Vine’ account had more than a million followers after their release.

Age of Holly H:

On October 17, 1996, Holly Hubert was born. She is 27 years old. She was born in Guernsey. Additionally, she is a Libra and celebrates her birthday on October 24 every year. She is a citizen of the UK. Her Ethnicity is white. Her religion is Christianity.

Educational status of Holly H:

She spent her formative years at Guernsey Grammar School and the Sixth Form Centre. He skipped college because Holly wanted to focus on developing her profession as a social media celebrity.

Holly H’s parents and Siblings:

The parents of Holly H are Steve Hubert, her father, and Jody Horne, her mother. In many of his videos, his father is with her. She has three siblings. Her siblings’ names are India, Phoenix, and Megan, who is three years younger than her.

Physical appearance:

Height 5 feet 8 inches(173cm)
Weight 48 kg (106lbs)
Hairs Color Brown
Eyes color hazel
Body measurement 33-23-34
Body type slim


  • Holly H started uploading humorous videos to Vine in May 2015. She racked up over a million views in the first month on the platform, which aided in her swift ascent to prominence.
  • Her videos tended to be lighthearted with good messages. Millions of her followers are all over the world. Her astonishing comedic timing and acting prowess impress the world.
  • Holly is quite secretive by nature and does not want to make herself known to the public. She never did anything that would detract from his fan following.

Holly has always had a preference for modeling and acting:

She had a completed appearance in the 2003 season of the television show “High School Reunion.” She has also participated in a professional photo session with Image 1st, one of the top photographers in the UK. We can watch the video about the photo session on Holly’s YouTube channel. Otherwise, other fun videos on this channel also feature pranks, challenges, story times, makeup instructions, etc.

Net worth:

Holly H is estimated to be worth $5 million. That is due to her successful career as a social media personality.

Affairs of Holly H:

A TikTok celebrity disclosed in a YouTube video that she is dating four men. She claimed that each of her lovers was significantly different from the others. Holly admitted that she lives with her ex-boyfriend. However, her ex-partner was also a part of her YouTube video. We know Holly is single since she rarely publishes photos with her close pal on her social media page, where she does share information on her current relationships.

She dances on the beach to Lil Dicky’s “Save Dat Money” in one of her most watched TikTok videos.

Brand Ambassador:

Holly H has been named an Ambassador for Cybersmile, joining celebrities including actor Richard Armitage, singer Normani, and WWE star Nikki Cross in supporting the organization’s advocacy efforts.

 Full-time TikTok employee:

  • Holly, who can now work full-time posting on TikTok and Instagram, told Cosmopolitan UK that she spent a year building her fan following after her mother unsuccessfully tried to get her to enroll in college.
  • According to her statement to the magazine, “I said, ‘Give me a year, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll get a proper job.”
  • Two days before, Holly managed to get her ten thousand followers in December 2016.
  • ly was obtained by the Chinese when online giant Byte Dance and rebranded as TikTok she utilized it.
  • She has amassed millions of fans thanks to her empathetic videos, and she now collaborates with well-known companies like Disney and Pretty Little Thing.

Instagram/YouTube Channel:

Holly has 1206 posts on Instagram. You can follow Holly on Instagram at @hollyh, where you’ll typically find a combination of glossy selfies, adorable outfit photos, and humorous pictures of her making odd faces. Additionally, she has a YouTube channel called Holly H, where she posts funny videos, vlogs, and practical jokes. Additionally, Holly has amassed more than 376,000 YouTube Subscribers.


Instagram 1.5 Million Followers
Twitter 24.8K
TikTok 16 Million Followers
Facebook 13.1 Million Followers


Q1: Where does Holly H live?

Ans: Holly still resides with her parents and siblings, Megan and Phoenix, but she has relocated to a West Sussex private estate near London, where she can meet marketers and agencies.

Q2: Why is Holly H famous?

Ans: Her numerous popular TikTok videos and relatable Instagram posts have made her well-known.

Q3: What is the TikTok ID of Holly H?

Ans: Holly H(@hollyh) Official.

Q4: What colors does Holly H like?

Ans: Grey, lavender, and white are three colors that Holly H like.

Q5: How much does Holly earn?

Ans: Holly Hulbert reportedly receives £62,170.77 for each 15-second sponsored post to her app’s more than 16 million users.

Q6: Why does Holly H like Sam Smith?

Ans: She said I enjoy hanging out with Sam Smith. I always look forward to their upcoming new album and live performance Because it will be a lot of joy.

Q7: Which award does Holly H was nominated for?

Ans: Holly has received a “Teen Choice Award” nomination for 2018.

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