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Elon Musk’s lawyer for Twitter-Most of Twitter’s former legal staff is gone

Elon Musk observed Twitter’s legal issues would become a major hassle in the future.


Elon Musk's

Twitter’s Product Legal Counsel

Twitter’s private investigation is not done well in a proper manner. Lina Khan, in this week the commission’s chair, refused  Elon Musk’s meeting with her last year.

Christian Dowell who is known as the best lawyer connected with FTC conversation has left this position. We know that news from the famous resource “The New York Times”.

Dowell’ again connected with Twitter in 2020 and took him into the firm. Dowell has not yet made a leaving announcement according to Twitter’s product legal counsel. The New York Times tells us that he was “deeply involved” in FTC matters and connected with Twitter’s issues.

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As far as our knowledge is concerned as per the FBI inquiry Elon Musk released several workers, announced AP News. The New York Times told us Security experts left Twitter due to Musk’s alleged privacy misuse, and the FTC’s investigation grew more serious.

We know that few news outlets of Twitter when somebody wants to comment, it doesn’t display on Twitter.

Most of Twitter’s former legal staff is gone

If we had correct information about Dowell’s successor as Twitter’s higher product counsel at  FTC  negotiations is undefined. Musk stopped tweeting orders to his private counsel. The Times reports that despite this, he continues to speak with the SpaceX lawyers.

Twitter is just telling the previous workers who posted Twitter source code on GitHub and is in personal dispute resolution with several previous job holders who were not supposed to take a class filing a claim for unpaid severance and lost wages.

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